Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet/aka Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet  Jim, BNS/BFA/BED/Human Service Diploma/Grief Recovery Specialist

Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet is a certified Grief Recovery specialist hailing from the Whannock and Stl’alt’imx nations and will be the lead on the delivery of the Igniting Healing program from ICLD.

Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet is a survivor of residential school and the 60’s sccop.

Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet brings a fusion of cultural integrity with contemporary systems into every aspect of her working career.  Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet  engages critical inquiry through the use of traditional song, storytelling, dance, music, traditional protocols/processes and the Laws of Life and performance.  Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet  enjoys being part of a triumphant movement toward balance, wellness and self-discovery.

As a certified Life-Skills coach, Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet  has worked in many roles that serve in capacities of, ”Tsu’siwatil” (Sto:lo for Helping others help themselves). She has worked as an educator infusing traditional laws of life with contemporary contexts within Elementary, Secondary and University course development.

Her work within Ministry of child and Family Services has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the importance of Rites of Passage for First Nation’s Youth in Care and creating an, “Oskopaos,”(Cree for Community helper) society of youth  composed of Youth in care and Community Ceremony keepers. This infused relationships that nurtured roles/responsibilities identification within communities for the most unwanted Youth. Her work within the Provincial and federal prison infused cultural identity, pride and ceremony that facilitated re-storying through education, ceremony and self-discovery.  Her involvement with Alternative education redefined success to youth who have never experienced it.