Kaeleigh Ross
Operations Supervisor

Kaeleigh has a diploma in Social Service Work and a passion for social justice. She has a history of working with people struggling with or at risk of homelessness. With a consistent effort to remain aware of stigmatization, discrimination, and inequity, she is an active voice for change. She is grateful to have the opportunity to work with Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development, which gives her ample opportunity to advocate for change and help a wide variety of people. 

She has always had a talent for understanding technology and uses this gift to monitor ICLD’s information systems and guide our team’s operations to completion. She also completes various odds and ends for ICLD, such as creating posters, writing news letters, and providing tech support to the team and, on occasion, ICLD’s students. Kaeleigh adores learning new things, and has plans to attain a Masters in Social Justice Studies. 

Outside of work, Kaeleigh enjoys singing, playing piano, writing stories, and video games! She and her fiancé have four cats and love them very much.