A Different Way of Learning that Puts Community First

To facilitate creating an environment of Truth and Reconciliation, ICLD builds meaningful partnerships with community that inform a relationship that strengthens and empowers individuals and community through engaging in critical inquiry.  In-turn long withstanding relationships are upheld through Honesty, Trust, Determination and Understanding.

The Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development (ICLD) collaboratively employs and nurtures community Resurgence of Indigenous Knowledges and Traditional Worldview Frameworks with Contemporary Proficiencies that navigate toward building capacity in economic growth and human resource development toward self-determined empowerment.  ICLD acknowledges the differentiations from community to community and works with identified unique strengths and opportunities toward building capacities within nation identified priorities.

ICLD believes that every community and Nation is within a diverse positioning regarding their ceremony and stance toward empowerment. Acknowledging that Generational Trauma takes many forms within Indigenous Communities, Our Team circumnavigates with Trauma-Informed Practice, connecting to local Wellness Teams and networks.

If your community requires essential skills, work ready or other capacity development programs, we can provide what you are looking for.

Short courses to develop capacity for leadership, administration and community. Each customized for your community.

An important step towards healing is how we deal with grief and loss. This action oriented program provides tools to help deal with loss.

With over 15 years of experience working closely with Indigenous communities, our team can offer valuable insight supporting a Nations vision and goal setting.


ICLD is an Indigenous focused business that works to develop close relationships with our customers through a shared understanding. Our Team of specialists work within Frameworks of Cultural Safety and Competency and provide a wide spectrum of training and diligences ranging, but not limited to, Personal Development, Human Resource Development, Capacity Building, Business Management and Indigenous Governance.

Our Team Members have sat at tables with a roster of Ministers, Departments & Agencies of the Canadian Government advocating Indigenous Perspectives and illuminating Indigenous challenges to be enacted upon with equitable status. We have gained strong relationships with over many nations, communities and individuals because of our persistence in doing so.


Economic Development Support

Roger Nopper, Band Manager

“Our Nation received support from Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development (ICLD) for Economic Development and Training Support. The training was of great benefit, and we would highly recommend ICLD to other communities based on the quality of service. We found ICLD to have excellent customer service as they had an in-depth understanding of Indigenous Communites needs, barriers, and requirements. Their highly qualified staff is knowledgeable and delivered content that was culturally adapted to our community needs.

“We would highly recommend and utilize ICLD services for future training requirements and would welcome and programs developed by this highly recommended organization.”

Stk'emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation

Economic Development and Training Support

Jordan Hazelwood, BBC Employment and Training Department

“Candidates who received training to enhance their quality of life and gain essential and employment readiness skills included members of Tk”emlups te Secwepemc and Skeetchestn Indian Band, part of the the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN).

“The training received was of great benefit and we would highly recommend ICLD to other communities based upon the quality of service, their promptness and connecting our department to various funding sources. We found ICLD to have great customer service as they have an in-depth understanding of Indigenous Communities needs, barriers and requirements. Their ability to provide instructors who connected with the class and create and engaging and safe atmosphere for candidates was incredible. Their highly qualified staff were knowledgeable and delivered content that was culturally adapted for our community needs.”